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The Program

Personal Training Franklin TNNo two people have the exact same goals, needs, or capabilities, which is why Erich doesn’t train every client exactly the same way. With Erich’s program, you benefit from a nutrition and exercise regimen that is completely tailor made for YOU.

Erich has trained individuals ranging in age from pediatrics, to senior citizens, and everything in between. He has helped everyone from professional athletes to individuals that have never stepped foot in the gym to reach their ultimate health and fitness goals.

With over 2 decades of experience, Erich brings a level of expertise to his work that is sought after by many, earning him the nickname “trainer to the trainers.” And with his background in physical therapy, Erich’s clients know that they are receiving the best quality care in order to avoid injury and maximize their results.

Many other trainers only skim the surface when it comes to training their clients, however Erich’s comprehensive health and fitness program has everything you need to achieve your best body.


Now is your time. Contact Erich to get started on your own Total Body Transformation!


(Click here to see all of the different styles of training that Erich is certified in.)



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