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The Transformation

Erich’s total body transformation program is in a class of its own. But don’t just take our word for it! Listen to some of the satisfied clients that Erich has trained over the years…


Before and After Transformation“Before I met Erich Hershey I was a medical mess.  But thanks to Erich’s training methods I am now off of my anti-depressants, anxiety medication, pain medication, and my blood sugar is regulated.  Erich Hershey saved my life!” -TN


“As an overweight single mom, I wondered if anyone would ever be interested in me again. Since I started training with Erich, I have dropped from a size 16 down to a 4. For the first time in a long time I believe in me again.  I am dating and loving it!  Thank you so much Erich!” -Franklin, TN


“One day I decided I was too young to completely give up. I was about 56 years old, weighed 200 lbs., and had to push myself up from a seat with my arms (one of which had already had rotator cuff surgery). I asked if anyone knew a personal trainer who would work with someone in really bad shape like me. I was referred to Erich Hershey, an ex Navy guy with experience in physical therapy. Today, after 6 years with Erich as my trainer, I am strong, fit, healthy, and very proud to tell you my age, weight, and strength level. See the pictures of me on his site at 62 and 50 lbs lighter. I’m indebted to Erich and plan on spending many more years getting stronger and more physically fit.” -Marty, Franklin, TN


“Erich Hershey is an amazing personal trainer.  I went from a size 16 to a size 4!  I now have a whole new life and future thanks to Erich!  Erich is more than a fitness trainer, he’s a life changer!” -B.M. San Diego, CA


Franklin TN Fitness Training“Erich Hershey is the only one who had the knowledge and expertise to help me with my severe back problems.  I’ve used several personal trainers before, but Erich is the best trainer in Nashille!  Thanks to him I don’t need surgery, and I’m doing things that I never thought possible!” -D.F. Nashville, TN


“Erich Hershey helped change my life.  He is so much more than just a personal trainer.  He not only helped me be more healthy, but he gave me spiritual guidance and emotional support when I needed it most.  Erich truly cares about his clients with all his heart. –F.T.


Franklin TN Personal Trainer“Erich has been a true blessing in my life! I was suffering from persistent back pain. Eight years ago, after undergoing an investigative MRI and in desperation for relief, I took a chance and decided to hire a personal trainer. Lucky for me it was Erich. At the time, I didn’t have a lot of hope that the outcome would be successful. To be honest, I have never been an athletic person. More often than not, my past attempts at any kind of athletic endeavor resulted in injury. However, hiring Erich as my trainer turned out to be the best thing I could have done for myself!  Over the years, we have worked on back and core strengthening which have been essential to relieving my back pain. Also essential, have been the daily stretching routines and every other day strengthening exercises which Erich has developed specifically for the days when I am not in training with him. He is knowledgeable about nutrition and sensible, successful weight loss. Erich also has an extensive medical background which he received while serving in the military. This also includes physical therapy. Because of this, I have never had to worry about injury while I train and it is a wonderful benefit to have a trainer who can converse easily and work in partnership with other medical professionals such as physicians and physical therapists should the need arise.

Erich has a motivating, upbeat, and encouraging attitude and the hour workouts are fun and believe me, I never, ever thought that exercising could be described as fun.  Over the years, other members of my family have trained with Erich with very positive results.

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Erich Hershey as a personal trainer. I feel so much better now than when I first dragged myself into the gym eight years ago. Keeping up a routine of weekly workouts has been the key to good health for me. I know from experience that Erich truly cares about each of his clients and that his goal is to help them achieve their goals.

On a side note. I was embarrassed to go to any gym at first. I was in my late 50’s and I imagined I would only see physically fit young people. Don’t let that hold you back. Yes you will see people who are in incredible shape but there are plenty of older, heavy, out of shape people there too trying their best to get back into good health and Erich is the perfect trainer for those of us who match that description.

Hope to see you at the gym!” -Barb, Franklin, TN


Now it’s your turn.

Contact Erich to get started on achieving your best body. Your only regret will be not starting sooner.

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