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Women’s Training

Personal Training for Women - Franklin TN





In his over two decades of experience, Erich has mastered the process of transforming the bodies of men and women of all ages.

Before and After TransformationWith the deep understanding that no two people are exactly alike, Erich is also extremely knowledgeable of the difference in training methods required for men and women in order to be successful.

With this in mind, Erich has spent many years mastering his training process for women, and has perfected his system for helping women “tone up” without “bulking up.”

Along with his other training services, Erich is certified and offers comprehensive training for women in:

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  • Pre/Post Natal Fitness
  • Boot Camp
  • Target Toning and Sculpting of “Trouble Spots”
  • Customized Nutrition



Now you don’t have to worry about the cost of ala cart health and fitness services. With Erich’s Total Body Transformation program, you reap the benefits of Erich’s experience as a complete health and fitness package.


Now is your time. Contact Erich to get started on your own Total Body Transformation!